Planning your Homeschool Year Part 4: Making it Happen

Planning your homeschool day and making it happen.

Whew! You have worked really hard at preparing for the upcoming school year, by examining calendars and time commitments, researching curriculum options, and putting all the pieces together into one beautiful homeschool schedule. Now how do you follow through and make your homeschool plan happen?   Margin I discussed this a bit during Part 3: […]

Planning your School Year Part 2: Choosing Curriculum

Choosing curriculum for your homeschool.

You have gathered your calendar, homeschool catalogs, and motivation. We are now ready to tackle to wide world of curriculum choices! Twenty years ago, homeschoolers didn’t have many curriculum choices, even ten years ago was pretty limited. Today the modern homeschooler has a stack of homeschool catalogs plus the plethora of digital materials available. How […]

Building STEM Awareness in the Next Generation

  {We were offered a free DIY Display kit in exchange for a review. This is my honest review and not influenced by EEME. The original post can be found here at The Zoo I Call Home.} STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), a huge part of our computer driven society today. Giving our kids […]

Choosing Extra-Curriculars without going Crazy

Choosing extra-curricular activities without going crazy.

We live in a society where being busy is considered normal. If you aren’t running to piano practice, baseball games, school awards ceremonies and every other possible extra-curricular activity every week, you aren’t doing enough for your kids. Every mom feels the invisible pressure to preform and possible out-preform their neighbor. Now take that with […]